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Mike Meisenheimer
8/4/2011 10:15:19 AM (105)
I was involved in a minor accident yesterday. TPD was only called because the driver who hit me would not exchange insurance information with me. When an officer arrived he simply said "Accidents happen, exchange information" and drove off. The other driver could not and did not produce any insurance information, but assured me that she would have it to me later in the day. She showed me a license, which looked fake. I never received her information and think she gave an alias to me.
My point in sharing this is, if you are in an accident, be certain to get the officer to actually verify license and insurance documents. An accident report is ideal. I'm out several hundred dollars because of this incident and would like to help others avoid this circumstance. No matter how surly or inconvenienced the officer is, insist on some basic investigation and documentation of your accident. It is the officer’s job, whether they want to do it or not.



3/4/2011 6:38:06 PM (104)
I think that the comment under commendations "for some the job is its own reward" is very condescending. These stats are not accurate as I have 6 commendations that are not listed, including the Life Saving Award.


2/9/2010 12:01:05 AM (103)
The only thing we would like to add is that the previous two comments were offered by the same person.

TPDD Admin


2/4/2010 2:27:03 PM (102)
hi their is a 19yr old girl named andrea cantrell in tulsa who is doing shake in bakes witch is meth and buys like 3 boxes a mon she also has aids an is having sex with numorus people not telling them she has it so can someone please stop her before their is a delima


2/4/2010 2:22:45 PM (101)
i would just like to say that officer caral a goforth is verry unprofesonal lying trying to get innocent people thrown in prison just to meet his quota for the mont falsley acusing people of false impersonation just because they would not listen an write what he wants an is racist of bi racial relationships


1/5/2010 7:53:53 PM (100)
Thank you for taking the time to comment. From the very first paragraph from the "Home Page" of this site:

Note: This information is quoted directly from the Tulsa Police Department's website, and can be viewed at it's original location (and in it's original format) by clicking here. We are duplicating it here only as a matter of convenience and in the public interest, and we have done so in good faith that we are preserving both the letter and the spirit of the Consent Decree as ordered by the Northern Oklahoma Federal Court, which mandated that this data be published and made available to the public.

And from the opening paragraph from the "The Database" page:

NOTE: We have been presented with what we believe to be credible evidence that the dates associated with some of the data in the Consent Decree Database may be inaccurate. We are not the authors or originators of the data, and we have no control over it, or the accuracy of it. However, we warrant that the data, as presented, is an accurate representation of the data that has been published by the Tulsa Police Department.

And from the "About" page: is not run by, and is not affiliated in any way with the Tulsa Police Department, or the City of Tulsa.

However, you raise a good point that we need to address, and to that end, we will add the following to the affiliation disclaimer: ..., and neither is this site in any way affiliated with the Tulsa Police Black Officer's Coalition.

And finally, the Tulsa World get's it's data from the same place we do, the data published by the Tulsa Police Department. There is only one source of this information, and that is the data published on the Tulsa Police website at, which data is presented here unmodified except that is is organized into a useful format.

Thank you again for taking the time to comment. If you wish further information, we'd be pleased to dialogue with you in private email, if you will contact us at tpdd (at) tpdd,org.


Surprise, surprise, surprise
12/31/2009 8:44:30 AM (99)
Have you all not heard of the budget problems? They have not had anyone to enter the data until the helicopter unit was dismatled. Now there is someone entering data to send to you all. The Tulsa World gets the data from the city, and they do not have to use your site (cause the world does not revolve around your site). Your information is old and is not updated. Why, maybe because you are not interested in showing the truth! The crime stoppers program has one black officer and one white officer, but your records show that there are two white officers. This information is misleading. I am sure that other statements could be mis represented also. Have you ever thought about the HOT LIST is an effort on those officers to see if they are themselves being represented fairly on this website? They could be searching themselves from computers that you keep track of to find out if they are being exploited by your site. It may not have anything to do with are they a problem. But your representation of this hot list leads people to believe that these officers are the ones to watch. Great way to slant the world so people can be misinformed by a site that should be providing accurate information. People should not be so mislead on anything so important. With the famous words from Ronald Reagan "....tear down these walls...." of mis information and mis leading statements. You should provide accurate information so the people know the truth. Just another example of how the BOC tossed a bunch of broken spokes at a broken wheel! That nothing was really solved and this is just another disappointment of some of the members of the BOC, who had grandour plans to resolve a situation. All they did was make another fine mess of the world. Now the broken wheel is tossing out broken spokes that are hurting real good people and not resolving the issues at hand. & your site is only another example of a broken spoke.....Total and absolute disappointment


10/17/2009 11:41:04 PM (98)
Yes. When the consent decree ends, the data gathering ends too. When is that? I'm not sure. I had begun to think it happened last year when the department did not release any new data for almost a year. But then they came out with a catch-up release of almost nine months worth of data.

I'm debating whether or not to end when the decree ends.

Can't really say more than that, here.


10/9/2009 7:29:35 AM (97)
WHen the consent decree ends does the data gathering end as well? When is that?


10/9/2009 7:28:14 AM (96)
Because if you are white you obviously can't be descriminated against. DUH


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