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9/1/2009 2:13:52 PM (95)
Why is there a Black Officers Coalition but not White Officers Coalition?


5/28/2009 2:43:57 PM (94)
Hey Kayla, Did you know your baby graduated this week? No help from you. Your X is A Saint ! Your Boys Are doing well, regardless, of the damage of
your complete and total abandonment. You took their home, their father gave them A new One.


5/28/2009 2:40:41 PM (93)
Looking for Kayla Davis, Born 03/31/1964 .
She Has an Arrest warrant. She has Stolen Peoples
ID's. She Steals Credit Cards. She destroys Familys.
Abandons Her own Children. Kayla Has A Warrant in Kansas Also. The Police know where she is, and will not Arrest Her. Is it because She use to work for them? Detectives know where she is. She writes Hot Checks. I wouldn' let her use my phone for fear, she would still my identity.


4/20/2009 1:28:36 AM (92)
Sounds like you've been arrested a time or two LOL.


4/12/2009 12:29:51 PM (91)
I have seen the TPD officers on several occassions act just Barney Fife. Why is it you give a guy/woman a gun and a badge and they feel like that they can intimidate anyone that they choose?


TPDD Administrator
2/26/2009 9:33:30 AM (90)
We are aware of the Tulsa World story that ran in late December, 2008, that covered the statistical data provided by the Consent Decree. In short, and in answer to your inquiries, "No, we were not consulted, and from what we can tell, the Tulsa World did not "steal" our data for their story. From our logs, it does not appear that the Tulsa World made extensive use of the database to do their story. We cannot tell whether the reporters covering the story may or may not have accessed the site from their home computers, or public access sites (such as a Panera Bread wi-fi, or the Tulsa County Library), but we can tell you that there were not an extraordinary number of hits on the site from the Tulsa World offices, specifically. Given that the database is freely available from the TPD itself, we have no reason to believe that they did.


We are well aware that the Tulsa Police Department Consent Decree Data has not been updated since May of 2008 - nearly nine months ago. This is not our doing. Please - there is no need to point this out to us. We only report the data that the Tulsa Police Department reports on it's website, according to the requirements of the Consent Decree.

We do not believe this is anything other than an administrative "snafu", and we are confident that, given the tough economic times, the TPD is as strapped for human resources as the rest of us. As soon as the department updates it's database, so will we.


email:  tpdd (a) tpdd,org

2/12/2009 11:54:12 PM (89)
The Chief's Division is a statistically small sample. The loss or addition of even one person would affect the percentage by a full four points.

That is to say, the loss of even one black officer (or the addition of any non-black officer) would make the percentage drop from ~23% to ~19%. Thus, fluctuations in the ratios in that division will be subject to "wild" swings with every personnel change.

By comparison, the UDN is ~188 officers, of which ~29 are listed as Black. The loss of one black officer there would affect UDN's ratio by only one half of one percent.

All this means that a single hiring (or firing) decision in the Chief's Division will have a much larger affect on ratios than in other areas, and it is perhaps not a valid comparison to make.


email:  tpdd at tpdd do.t org

2/10/2009 11:06:24 AM (88)
I notice that black officers are overresprented in the Chief's Section, Detective Division, and Records Division. All traditionally inside, more desirable jobs. 15-23% of these positions are held by black officers, while the black population of the county is only 11%.
What is being done to look into this matter, which suggests white officers are being overlooked for these positions?


10/21/2008 10:46:51 PM (87)
The database is freely provided by the Tulsa Police Department. I only publish it in a useful format. I do not make material changes to it.

I will see if I can find a contact for you at the department and let you know. Please contact me privately by email at tpdd (at) so I know how to contact you with that information when I find it.

If the information that is incorrect is fairly simple (such as the previous commenter's request to update racial identity) and if I am able to verify that the requested change is legitimate (which I was in that previous case), then I can change it here. But upon the next release of data from the PD, it will only get overwritten when I import it here.


10/15/2008 9:02:01 PM (86)
Who do I contact at the PD to remove incorrect information.


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