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2/7/2007 3:40:52 PM (47)
No. It's a "jab" at whoever sent two Tulsa Police Detectives (both very nice and professional) and a TCSO Deputy to my house to point out my use of copyright images! Usually, a nasty-gram from the legal department suffices in such matters.

Anyway, I told them it would be only temporary, until I could make up something that looked professional enough to be associated with the Department.

And, it didn't really occur to me until afterwards that some people might see it as a mockery of the TPD, which is certainly not my intention.

But, ya gotta admit... it was funny...



2/7/2007 2:55:32 PM (46)
Sure hope the Disney World security badge isn't a jab at the TPD. Other than that, looks like a well done, professional site.



2/7/2007 12:13:43 PM (45)


2/7/2007 10:12:41 AM (44)
Why did you not publicly answer the question by "Concerned Caucasion"? do you have a hidden agenda?


2/6/2007 6:25:09 PM (43)
email me at tpdd (at) tpdd (dot) org


Concerned Caucasion
2/6/2007 5:34:35 PM (42)
I understand your strong feelings to be fair and make sure the decree is fulfilled. Why do I feel like you are someone who has a different agenda then what you state. Why is this so important to you? With so many wrongs in the world why have you jumped into this decree issue with both feet?


2/6/2007 4:09:08 AM (41)
Very interesting stats especially on the highs and lows.
Looks like the top 10 arresters/yr are:
Woods - 697
Hart - 592
Darden - 518
Dosser - 510
Florea - 505
Foust - 466
Zeller -445
Fue - 436
Gamboa - 421
Bers - 373
Good job folks.

The lows (


2/6/2007 2:04:05 AM (40)
Yeah, thanks. The real Tulsa PD images gave it a look of authority and validity. Personally, I think the new look might be mistaken as mockery. I mean, really... a Micky Mouse badge?

Mockery is not my intent at all. But being forced to go scrounging for new graphics made that thing just all toooooo tempting the very instant I saw it on Yahoo Image Database.

What's this? DisneyLand Security Officer Badge. Aye... that's the rub...

See how long this lasts before folks start thinking, "Ya know, the orignal stuff looked a whole lot better..."


2/5/2007 7:24:12 PM (39)
I like the new badge look to your web site. It's comparable to the validity of the consent decree.



2/5/2007 6:06:20 PM (38)

So, this morning, just before noon, two TPD detectives (and a TCSO deputy, because our property is not in Tulsa City) show up at my house. I know they had to go looking to find me because since I moved to Collinsville from Tulsa, I haven't bothered to update my driver's license yet. So they probably went to property records, or vehicle registration records, or some such.

One of their own colleagues actually knows me and has been to my house before, so maybe he told them where I live. (Scott. Did you rat me out? ;-)

The place is a wreck - looks like something out of the movie "Deliverance". We are remodelling, so the windows are still framed in plywood, there's sheets for window covers, there's a pile of debris in the yard, an old mattress, piles of junk waiting to go to the dump...

My motorcycle is stripped for winter in the driveway with parts laying around, and in true redneck form, my truck is up on jacks ('cause on this same morning, I'm pulling a large odd looking piece of jagged metal that has punctured my front tire the night before. Hmmmmn...)

The dogs are barking, and my wife is looking through the window asking me why the Sheriff is here? So, I go outside to see who it is and what they want. I'm pretty much sure what they want, but let's go see.

I should have thought to be more careful. They are at the front door, but we use the side door usually. And if they have done their homework, they know I have several guns and am an avid shooter. So while they are at the front of the house, I come around the corner from the side, at their backs. This kind of spooked the deputy. He actually kind of "jumped" in suprise when he turned around and saw me coming around the corner.

They introduce themselves, and before they even start, I ask them, "Is this about TPDD?" Yes. "Is it about the use of the tpd website graphics?" Yes.

That was pretty much all the conversation needed, and I told them that I knew I was flirting with the copyright when I downloaded them from their website. (It says CopyRight, but it does not include the standard "All Rights Reserved" clause.) And before they even asked, I volunteered to remove them.

A very amicable, friendly conversation, they thanked me, and I thanked them, everyone shook hands, and I told them I would have their graphics off my site by this afternoon. (Does everyone like the change?)

Anyway, I've not even dressed for work yet because I've been on the phone all morning doing technical support for one of my clients. So I'm wearing jeans, and a tee-shirt. A tee-shirt that my wife bought for me as a joke, and which I rarely wear, and NEVER wear in public.

Here I am talking to these two police detectives and a TCSO Deputy, and I'm standing there with a tee-shirt that says, in big, bold letters:


Holy Cow! How embarrasing is that? I'm talking with cops while wearing a big label that says, basically, "I'M LYING!".

So, anyway, I've gone for a more "generic police" look-n-feel for the site at their request.



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