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NOTE: We have been presented with what we believe to be credible evidence that the dates associated with some of the data in the Consent Decree Database may be inaccurate. We are not the authors or originators of the data, and we have no control over it, or the accuracy of it. However, we warrant that the data, as presented, is an accurate representation of the data that has been published by the Tulsa Police Department.

As mentioned already, one of the procedural changes implemented by the Consent Decree was the creation of a Data Collection System for Data Analysis purposes and public education. This system was indeed established, and pursuant to the requirements of the Decree, it was made public. It was placed on the website in various locations until, most recently, it has landed in the "Public Education" section, which, to us, seems a perfectly reasonable place for it.

However, the format of the data is in such a state that data analysis is difficult at best, and practically impossible for the general public. The data is separated into a dozen or more text files, cross referenced by officer#, and further split into multiple different sources that span different date ranges.

The data is disjointed, and incomplete from a public usability standpoint. That's where this site comes in. We intend, and hopefully have succeeded in making the Consent Decree data actually available to the public. It is painfully obvious, in looking at the raw data files, that the data has probably been exported from a mainframe computer - probably something still running COBOL. This would explain the archaic plain text file format and limited field widths employed.

In order for the information to be useful, it must be compiled into a single source, and in many cases scrubbed and cleaned to make it meaningful.

In our attempt to do this we have performed the following tasks:

  • We have combined all the multiple source data files into one database
  • We have reformatted dates from their text format to a date format.
    (ie, "18-JUL-06", which cannot be sorted) into actual dates that can be sorted (ie, "07/18/2006")
  • We have split single name fields into LastName/FirstName for easier sorting.
  • We have combined the numbers for male and female arrests, citations and Pedestrian Stops.
  • Since Blacks, Whites, Hispanics and Native Americans comprise the vast majority of citizens refered to, all other races have been combined into "Other" for statistical purposes.

  • What we have not done:

  • We have not removed any duplication of data
  • We have not corrected any typos or changed any data at all.
  • We have not attempted to supply "missing info", even when it seems obvious.
  • We have not added anything to, or taken anything away from the data.

  • Removal from the Database is not affiliated with the Tulsa Police Department, or the City of Tulsa in any way. For that reason, we are not under any obligation of the court as pertains to it's decree that this data be published. The Consent Decree only ordered the City of Tulsa to make this data available. And they have. As far as we can tell, the City and the TPD have fully met their obligations.

    On the other hand, as stated, we are under no such obligation. It is within our rights and our power to do with the data whatsoever we wish, so long as we do not willfully misrepresent it, or modify it in any that makes it inconsistent with reality, or make any claim of ownership or authorship concerning it.

    For that reason, we feel that we are within our rights to not publish some of the data if we feel there is a good reason to do so. One such reason that we have considered from the beginning, is the possibility that Officers in the database who are not on active duty because they have retired from the force, under honorable circumstances, may be allowed to have their record not disclosed on, upon the condition of certain positive identification.

    That means, that upon receipt of a letter from the TPD Chief's Division, which we will pick up from the Chief's Division Offices in downtown Tulsa, specifically identifying the officer as retired (not "no longer employed", not "currently not active", not "on leave" - retired under honorable conditions), or for any other reason which we deem valid in agreement with the Chief's Division, we will remove that officer from the database search results presented on

    To initiate such an action, please email us at tpdd (at) tpdd (dot) org and we will make arrangements to accomodate you.

    No affiliation with the Tulsa Police Department or the City of Tulsa is expressed or implied - Copyright © 2006-2011 - TPDD.ORG - All Rights Reserved.